Toruń to be the host of the European Championships

The upcoming European Championships will take place in Toruń. The city renowned for Nicolaus Copernicus, its beautiful Old Town, and gingerbread will welcome the European elite. 

The competitions in Toruń will be held from July 26th to 28th, 2024. The rivalry will unfold in categories of open, women, veterans, and juniors. Both individually and in teams. 

We will make every effort for Toruń to become the capital of European Cycle Speedway next year and gain thousands of new fans and international recognition – says Marcin Paradziński, the club’s president. 

Toruń has been a leading center for years. TSŻ is the current Team Polish Champion. The club has two facilities and the necessary infrastructure. Cycle speedway in Toruń enjoys significant interest.